With SPUD’s calendar at the heart of the system you’ve got total control over the tasks you set for any or all your users.

SPUD Asset Management


  • Record delays on site
  • Link delays to RFI’s
  • Log instructions for additional works
  • Send email notifications to staff
  • Automatically alert quantity surveyors if any instructions or delays are recorded

About Site Diary

The diary is a key instrument in feeding project information back to management, it should be used to log works on site, people present, plant on site and any delays or additional works issued.

We have designed the diary, so the user can add a description of works, the diary will automatically log staff on site, delays, instructions and the weather for the postcode – min temperature, max temperature, average wind speed, cloud coverage, humidity and the temperature at the time recorded. The user can upload photos of the project which are key for checking works progress.


  • Set safety alerts
  • Alert staff of key information
  • Select recipients by trade type or individuals
  • Receive notifications when bulletins viewed
  • Reports on users not viewing updates

Safety Bulletin

The safety bulletin is designed to inform your staff of safety alerts e.g. some of projects will see temperatures soar to 28 degrees today please make sure you use sun cream, get home safe. or to send information to staff keeping them informed e.g. today the company passed our ISO 9001 audit with flying colours, thanks to all staff that helped.

The person releasing the bulletin can select individual staff to see the update or select by project or trade type e.g. all carpenters using the TE76 hilti drill please be aware that there have had a few issues with these drills kicking back and have had wrist injuries reported, if you witness or experience any issues please report it to your line manager straight away an ensure the take the drill out of use.

The system will log which users have viewed the bulletin and will notify management of the list of users who have not seen the update. This gives the company documented information of how you pass safety information to your staff.

No place to hide… Sorry lads!

With SPUD’s calendar at the heart of the system you’ve got total control over the tasks you set for any or all your users. Pick the document you want completed and simply schedule the task to be repeated on a regular basis, daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

You don’t even need to remember what or who needs checking up on! SPUD’s ‘traffic light’ system shows you at a glance the tasks completed, pending and, more importantly, overdue. So, no one can shirk their duties unseen with SPUD on board… We know not everyone’s going to love that particular feature… Sorry lads!

SPUD – Task management through calendar view


For instance, say you ask your Project Manager to carry out a staff Tool Box talk every Monday morning… You and everyone else you specify as relevant will receive an email confirmation when the talk has been delivered – and then you can log in to view the whole event along with a list of signatures to show who attended (and who didn’t!).

SPUD’s Induction process can speed up inductions and give instant access to briefing records.

The construction industry does a fantastic job of ensuring the workforce operate in a safe environment, we’ve just made it a bit easier to manage.

In three simple steps you can complete inductions, tool box talks, task briefings and RAMS briefing.


The further development of our training matrix now includes a log of all internal training carried out for your entire workforce.

We’ve called it safety audits, but this feature reaches into so many other areas.

We were asked by a customer if we could build them an electronic safety audit, we decided to go a bit further and we have a lot more to do with this area.

You can now build any style of document in an electronic format, assign it to your workforce and get notifications when they’ve completed it.

Create your document with a range of question types, set weights against your answers to get notification when issues arise on your projects.

Request a photo for any question and you can even ask the user to sign the document.

We’re currently designing reporting functions on these documents to push data back to management on all project functions.

All audits are exportable in PDF, so far, we’ve helped customers set up:

  • Site Audits
  • LOLER Checks
  • PUWER Checks
  • Pre-start plant checks
  • Pre / Post pour inspections
  • Excavation check sheet
  • Near miss report
  • NCR
  • Handover Sheet
  • Permits to work

This list could go on forever.

With our new CVI feature your workforce can now complete a client instruction form by adding a description of the extra works, define the area of the project, pictures and even an agreed cost. Each Instruction is given a sequential number prefixed with the project code.

Your client’s representative signs the instruction and adds their email address, once the instruction is submitted a PDF is emailed to your client’s commercial contact, the Project Manager and Quantity Surveyor for the project and the person who signed the instruction on behalf of the client.

A log of all instructions can be filtered to search by project, date or the user completing.

No more extras slipping through the cracks.