Electronically manage employee information, clocking in, timesheets and internal training.

SPUD Asset Management

SPUD’s Labour section electronically manages employee information, timesheets, clocking in and all internal training – making your life a lot easier.

Bio-metric Tablet

Our bio-metric tablet with our bespoke designed stand can be set up anywhere on your project, it can work off Wi-Fi or 4G – providing you with complete access control.

Your users’ clock in and out and all clock times are added directly to your timesheet. You can select an individual shift pattern per user or set shift hours for the project, so all clocked hours are totalled to the set shift hours with the ability to edit and add overtime where required.

Biometric tablet with fingerprint scanning clock in technology.

Our stands have been designed and manufactured to meet the needs of your project.

Complete Access Control with Fingerprint Scanner

Our bio-metric tablets have fingerprint scanning technology, giving you complete access control and your workforce to easily clock in and out with the touch of a finger.

SPUD’s Labour section electronically manages employee information, timesheets, clocking in and all internal training – making your life a lot easier.

Internal Training Matrix

The internal training matrix logs all the RAMS, Site Inductions, Toolbox Talks and Task Briefings completed by your workforce. You can now see how compliant each project is with one simple report. This sounds like a task setting up all this information, not if you’re using our Induction feature.

Training Matrix showing who has completed RAMS, Toolbox Talks and Inductions.

CPD, Staff Training and Site Inductions

Create and assign training to your workforce whilst monitoring and recording who has or hasn’t completed it on time. SPUD also gives you the ability to see how many attempts employees have had at completing a type of training as well as whether the qualification is in date, close to expiration or expired.

SPUD’s Labour section electronically manages employee information, timesheets, clocking in and all internal training – making your life a lot easier.

Labour Control

We’d like to start with an apology to all you companies out there who’ve invested so much time and effort in the development of clocking in… Sorry guys, but we’re about to make all those expensive clocking machines redundant. But try not to worry. There’s still room for them in the world of construction – well, at least until we roll out phase 2…

So, what’s so great about SPUD? Well, in a nutshell, we have taken labour control to the next level – and cut out a lot of hassle and stress in the process. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. That’s why instead of worrying about the complexity of measuring your plant, materials and labour costs we combined them to all work in synergy with each other so that you can easily view all this information in one simple report for you to pinpoint any areas you need to improve on.

Clocking in with Geo Fence and Fingerprint Scanner Technology

Well you just imagined life with SPUD in charge! Your workers just rock up to site and clock in using geo fence via the SPUD app (Android and IOS) using a pretty face picture and exact Google Maps location is captured from their smart phone. Exactly the same happens at clocking out time – and you automatically get a lovely crisp time sheet showing the day, date, start time, finish time, total hours (for the day for by selected dates). And not only is exporting this info a piece of cake, we’ll even match the data structure, so you can import it directly to your umbrella company for payment processing. On top of this, our bio-metric tablets enable your workforce to fingerprint clock in which then feeds the data to an electronic timesheet providing labour accuracy and access control.

Clock in page showing what time, date and project employees have clocked in to.

For those that still need the biometric tablet on site to get in touch. We have the MorphoTablet™2 ready to roll with our own unique app that will push all clock in/out information back to your desktop.

That’s not all.

You know that whole long-drawn out process of setting up a new employee – Billy the chippie rocks up at site first thing, passport in one hand, hammer in the other and wastes a good couple of hours filling in his address, next if kin, travel questionnaire, training details, bank details…the list goes on…and on. And there’s the on-site induction…And don’t forget he’s on the clock all this time!

Not anymore! With SPUD you simply add Billy’s email address to the New Employee section of SPUD, which sends him a personal information questionnaire asking him to provide all that tedious information – and a load more besides – in his own time, not yours. For instance, the moment he logs details of any training he’s undergone, the expiry dates appear on the Training Matrix and you’ll get alerts when his certificates are due for renewal. The app also records other key information such as journeys to work in order to prepare CO2 project reports and it requires Billy to read through your policies and answer questions to show he’s understood them.

So, by the time Billy turns up at the site all he needs is a quick induction (yes SPUD does that too!) and he’s ready to start work. Not only do you have all the information you need; you’ve also got the full value of Billy’s first two hours’ graft in your back pocket.

SPUD’s Labour section electronically manages employee information, timesheets, clocking in and all internal training – making your life a lot easier.


  • Employees add their training when completing the employee profile.
  • Filterable by employee, training type or role (trade) type and project.
  • Traffic light system showing certificates near expiry, expired or in date.
  • Export options including excel format.
  • Invite clients to view details with a restricted view.

About Training Matrix

The training matrix is vital to ensure your workforce are trained for the tasks they carry out on site.

Employees add their training when completing the employee profile, they confirm the training type (from a drop down pre-populated by the company), date the training was taken and the expiry date, the name of the training company and a photo or file of the certificate.

Training matrix showing completed or overdue training.

Whether it’s RAMS, Toolbox Talks, CSCS or Inductions; all documents can be added to the training matrix

All training documents are added to a training matrix, which can be filtered by employee, training type or role (trade) type and project. A traffic light system is in place to show certificates nearing expiry (orange), expired (red) or in date (green). You can view all training by the trade of the employee and training type e.g. how many Carpenters do we have with working at height training.

You can forward plan your training by setting a task for your safety or labour manager to complete training requirements for the year ahead. The training matrix can be exported in excel format for sending to your client or you can invite them to view the information on SPUD with a restricted view set by the customer.